Smart meter technology is relatively new and untested. We are being used as the guinea pigs. Fortunately there are many people researching and providing information about their effects on us. This blog is an attempt to provide resources about the meters as well as information specific to Pennsylvania. Use the links in the sidebars to find informative websites, videos, studies and articles that I have found to be helpful, as well as information specific to PA residents. Some links, such as the Amazon store, will potentially bring a minimal amount of money to the site owner, which will be used to fund flyers, etc for spreading the word about smart meters.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

10 facts about RF dangers from Olle Johansson, Ph.D.

via MemoryHole Blog-New Studies Show Health Risks From Wireless Technology

Warnings from the BioInitiative Working Group/ University at Albany, Rensselaer, New York /April 16, 2014

The BioInitiative Working Group says evidence for health risk from wireless tech is growing stronger and warrants immediate action.

The Group released a mid-year update covering new science studies from 2012 to 2014. New studies intensify medical concerns about malignant brain tumors from cell phone use. “There is a consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma (a malignant brain tumor) and acoustic neuroma with use of mobile and cordless phones” says Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD at Orebro University, Sweden, according to studies released in 2012 and 2013. “Epidemiological evidence shows that radiofrequency should be classified as a known human carcinogen. The existing FCC/IEEE and ICNIRP public safety limits are not adequate to protect public health.”

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Upcoming House Committee Hearing

Policy Committee Hearing: Security in Installation of Smart Meters 

Hosted by Rep. Kerry Benninghoff 

Date: April 14, 2014
Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Location: Room G50, Irvis Office Building

The implementation of smart meters into Pennsylvania remains a topic of concern for many homeowners across the Commonwealth. The committee will hear testimony concerning the current safety and security practices regarding installation and further use of these meters.

via Lisa Nancollas

Sunday, March 23, 2014

An Open Letter to Florida Power and Light CEO James L. Robo

The letter below was sent to Florida Power and Light Chairman/CEO James L. Robo this week upon reviewing FPL’s policy to “opt out” of Smart Meter technology for an “enrollment fee” and subsequent monthly payments. Such payments amount to mob-style extortion that utility customers are forced to pay, simply to remain free from potential harassment or harm.

James L. Robo
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Next Era Energy / Florida Power and Light
700 Universe Boulevard
Juno Beach, Florida 33408

Dear Mr. James L. Robo,
I am writing with regard to the “Smart Meter” appliance that your company, Next Era Energy / Florida Power and Light (NEE/FPL; NYSE: NEE) placed on my home and households throughout my Boca Raton neighborhood in April 2011, and your present bid for my family to “opt out” of exposure to such technology. As you are likely aware, after doing extensive research on the device and its implications for privacy and human health, in addition to conducting periodic measurements with my HF35-C RF Analyzer, I discovered how your Smart Meter apparatus was discharging microwave radiation on my family (which includes small children) in excess of 10,000 microwatts per square meter every thirty-to-ninety seconds. I requested that NEE/FPL remove the meter. NEE/FPL complied only after being repeatedly telephoned and furnished with my own observations delivered via certified mail and accompanied by copious scientific research that such “Smart Meter” technology poses a serious health hazard and privacy-related concerns (here, here, here, and here).

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Update on House Bill 906

This is a new notice from today. HB 906 has passed the House and is being moved over to the Senate for their consideration. This is the bill that would add in a clause to protect our information from being handed over to government agencies without our consent.

However, the bill was substantially re-worded in the House. The good thing is that there is movement for at least one of the three smart meter bills...the not so good thing is that the original wording has seriously changed to include a lot of exceptions.

The text of the bill in its current form is here...HB 906
View Text
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REESE -  An Act amending Title 66 (Public Utilities) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, further providing for duties of electric distribution companies...
PN 1047Referred to CONSUMER AFFAIRS, March 11, 2013
PN 2867Reported as amended from CONSUMER AFFAIRS, Jan. 13, 2014
     First consideration, Jan. 13, 2014
     Laid on the table, Jan. 13, 2014
     Removed from table, Jan. 14, 2014
     Second consideration, Jan. 15, 2014
     Re-committed to APPROPRIATIONS, Jan. 15, 2014
     Re-reported as committed from APPROPRIATIONS, Jan. 27, 2014
     Third consideration and final passage, Jan. 27, 2014 (198-0)
     In the Senate

Saturday, December 14, 2013


"Through a variety of sources the investigative work revealed that, like the companies in the tobacco industry, the mobile-telephony manufacturers had implemented a “product defence” strategy designed to raise, quite artificially, scientific doubt about the harmfulness of this technology, whose damaging effects had in fact been known to specialists since the 1970s. The scientific studies conducted during that era described the so-called “microwave syndrome” exhibited by radar operators at air bases. The symptoms reported by these studies were the same ones described by the so-called “electrohypersensitive” people who are suffering because of the waves today."

Thursday, November 21, 2013

11-20-13 - Dr. Hildy and Curtis Bennett - EMF/WIFI/SMART GRID/CELL PHONES

Over the last half-century, technological advancements have grown exponentially. In the early 1960’s, broadcast television was still new to many people and there was no such thing as a personal computer. Since that time, our desire for technology has grown, and with it, the means of transmitting the data used by these devices. From radios and televisions to cellular phones and wifi-enabled devices, all are using an invisible wave of some kind. But could all of this electronic activity be harmful to us?

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes Curtis Bennett, aka The Thermoguy, to discuss these potential maladies and other things being emitted from one source or another that could be hazardous to our health, environment and structures. A world-renowned engineer, scientist and environmentalist, Curtis has dedicated his life to studying the invisible by using thermography to see images beyond our spectrum. He is an expert on the dangers of EMF, Cell Phones, WIFI, Smart Meters…AND much MORE!