Smart meter technology is relatively new and untested. We are being used as the guinea pigs. Fortunately there are many people researching and providing information about their effects on us. This blog is an attempt to provide resources about the meters as well as information specific to Pennsylvania. Use the links in the sidebars to find informative websites, videos, studies and articles that I have found to be helpful, as well as information specific to PA residents.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Petition for legislators in PA

Repeal Act 129 in Pennsylvania--Stop Smart Meters I am concerned about the invasion of privacy for my family and friends that smart meters pose. Smart meters are a part of Agenda 21 and need to be stopped! . . . .

7/8/13 note: I've included this here because it shows how concerned we are about this issue. However, Act 129 is not only a law about smart meters. In fact, the smart meter part of it was added on to a very comprehensive package that is not going to be repealed. I do believe, though, that the intention of this petition is to show opposition to the aspect of the law that refers to the smart meter technology, and the voices of the people who have signed it are important.


  1. We have alternatives to repealing the whole Act 129-which has useful components.
    The workable alternative is to enact the three bills proposed by Rep. Mike Reese, which would:
    Remove Smart Meters from being MANDATORY,
    Permit home-owners to 'Opt-Out' from these meters,
    Protect the privacy of Smart Meter information.
    We should work, state-wide to get our State Legislators to support Rep. Reese's bills!

  2. Few days back we rented a house in pitt and I found smart water meter in our basement, I am electro sensitive. what can be done to replce it w analog one?

    1. Most of my research has focused on the electric meters. I am looking into this to see if I can find anything for you. First, if the water company would replace it, you'd probably need the owner of the house to be on-board with that, since the contract would be in his/her name.

      You might be able to try to shield it, though. If you want to email me, use the 'contact me directly' form on the right side of this page. I'll send you whatever I can find as I look into this more.