Smart meter technology is relatively new and untested. We are being used as the guinea pigs. Fortunately there are many people researching and providing information about their effects on us. This blog is an attempt to provide resources about the meters as well as information specific to Pennsylvania. Use the links in the sidebars to find informative websites, videos, studies and articles that I have found to be helpful, as well as information specific to PA residents.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


"Through a variety of sources the investigative work revealed that, like the companies in the tobacco industry, the mobile-telephony manufacturers had implemented a “product defence” strategy designed to raise, quite artificially, scientific doubt about the harmfulness of this technology, whose damaging effects had in fact been known to specialists since the 1970s. The scientific studies conducted during that era described the so-called “microwave syndrome” exhibited by radar operators at air bases. The symptoms reported by these studies were the same ones described by the so-called “electrohypersensitive” people who are suffering because of the waves today."

Thursday, November 21, 2013

11-20-13 - Dr. Hildy and Curtis Bennett - EMF/WIFI/SMART GRID/CELL PHONES

Over the last half-century, technological advancements have grown exponentially. In the early 1960’s, broadcast television was still new to many people and there was no such thing as a personal computer. Since that time, our desire for technology has grown, and with it, the means of transmitting the data used by these devices. From radios and televisions to cellular phones and wifi-enabled devices, all are using an invisible wave of some kind. But could all of this electronic activity be harmful to us?

This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes Curtis Bennett, aka The Thermoguy, to discuss these potential maladies and other things being emitted from one source or another that could be hazardous to our health, environment and structures. A world-renowned engineer, scientist and environmentalist, Curtis has dedicated his life to studying the invisible by using thermography to see images beyond our spectrum. He is an expert on the dangers of EMF, Cell Phones, WIFI, Smart Meters…AND much MORE!

Everything You Wanted to Know about...wireless radiation health effects

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Update on Smart Meter bills

House Bill 902 now has 40 co-sponsors supporting it. Let's see if we can get more of our representatives on board with this and HB899, which has 31 co-sponsors. See the list of supporters here...HB902 and here...HB899

These bills will be going to the house floor for a vote, possibly within the next few weeks. The more support they have, the better chance there is that they will pass in the House.

This is what Rep. Mike Reese wrote about HB902 earlier this year...

"I and other legislators have been contacted by constituents that have expressed their desire to not have smart meter technology at their homes or businesses. Their concerns range from securing sensitive and personal information to the health impacts of radio frequency (RF) waves. My perspective is one that questions if a government mandate was appropriate at all.

This legislation, one of three bills addressing smart meter technology that I intend to introduce, would provide consumers the ability to “opt-out” of having a smart meter and require the Pennsylvania Utility Commission to create a fair surcharge system that would be paid by these consumers. This is similar to laws recently passed in Maine, Nevada and California."

Find your representative by entering your address at this link...Find Your Legislator

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Smart Meter Victims Seek Hearing from Ulster County NY Lawmakers

More than a dozen people speak in opposition to the new smart meters being installed by Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp and implore Ulster County (NY) lawmakers to investigate this horrendous technology, which they say is making them and many other county residents ill.

This video was recorded at the Ulster County Legislators monthly meeting in Kingston, NY on Tuesday, October 22nd at the Ulster County Office Building in Kingston, NY.

Related article... Ulster County residents, Central Hudson at odds over safety of utility’s new meters

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Awake And Empowered Radio w/Josh del Sol

This exclusive interview with Josh del Sol and co-hosted by Jefferey Jaxen and Ethann Fox took place on September 3rd, 2013. Josh is the director and Producer of the documentary film Take Back Your Power. This film takes an in-depth look at the global issue over smart meters and not only the health challenges they cause, but also the privacy issues they pose. Josh also shares the bigger picture of why he believes this is happening at this time in the world. We also talk about alternative ways to transmit information other than the use of harmful microwave frequencies.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Government bullying and the smart meter fight in B.C.

British Columbia, Canada: Police officers harass local senior citizens opposed to smart meter installation. Sun News interviews the victim, Len Miller - 81. Miller, a retired police officer, explains how officers bullied both him and his wife. LINK

Sunday, September 8, 2013

About the law in PA - part 1

PA Act 129 started out in the House of Representatives as HB 2200. This was a comprehensive bill that was ammended to include a provision for utility companies to furnish smart meter technology, so only part of the bill applies to this issue.

I will be posting excerpts from the Legislative Journals that show some of the process of how HB 2200 became Act 129. It shows some of what was being discussed about the issues surrounding the introduction of a law on smart meters.

Check the link below to see the whole history of the bill.
House Bill 2200 History

The bill went through several changes in wording before the final version that was passed into law.

I've decided to start with the end of the process, and later post the House remarks and PUC implementation order.

This is the final version of the bill, the wording is exactly the same as Act 129 of 2008.

PN 4526

    26             (II)  IN NEW BUILDING CONSTRUCTION.
    28         TO EXCEED 15 YEARS.

The bill meets with it's final approval in the Senate...

(Remarks see Senate Journal Page 2626-2631), Oct. 8, 2008

p 2626
Senator TOMLINSON. (contact info)  (website)

Mr. President, I rise to ask for support
for House Bill No. 2200 as amended by the Senate. I think this
is very, very important legislation for our consumers today who
consume power and energy in Pennsylvania. House Bill No.
2200 is, I think, a large step forward. The Governor of the State
of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, has been a leader in a new energy
policy, and this legislation contains many of those items in there.
It includes demand-side reduction, conservation, that I think
is going to help the consumer, in the long run, to reduce the
 demand on power. We are requiring a reduction of 3 percent by the
year 2013 and 4 1/2 percent for peak power, and I think that is
extremely important as we go forward with an energy policy, Mr.
President. It also contains language in there that we will have
smart meters. It is not mandated, but it allows for the deployment
of smart meters through a depreciation process, through new
home construction process, and through the depreciation of 15
years, and for anyone who wants to purchase a smart meter which
they feel will help them manage their electric load better.

Senator BOSCOLA. (contact info)  (facebook)  (twitter)

So-called smart meters by themselves are not
magically -- anyone's monthly electric bill is not going to go
down just because you are getting a smart meter. That will not
happen. But this new technology will reward customers who are
smart enough to realize that they can use electricity when it is
cheapest during off-peak hours and pay a lower rate. We also
made sure that smart meters would not be mandated for every
single ratepayer. Not only is that a smarter approach to smart
meter deployment, but it will also save electric customers

hundreds of millions of dollars paying for something that will not
provide a real benefit in their own households.

Senator FUMO (wikipedia info)

In addition, we did not mandate smart meters, 
but we made them optional. We did say in new construction, 
where they really are practical, they will be put in.

It goes back to the House. The discussion does not mention anything about whether the meters are mandated or not, so I haven't posted any excerpts here. The journal is at this link if you want to read them yourself.  (Remarks see House Journal Page 2323-2328), Oct. 8, 2008

HB 2200 is signed into law as Act 129 by Governer EDWARD G. RENDELL

More to come...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lakeland fire sparks concerns about 'smart meters'

Read the article by clicking here.

From the article...

"There are consumer complaints all over the country that blame electrical box and house fires on newly installed smart meters, and consistently utility companies deny the meters are the problem.

A spokesman at the Consumer Product Safety Commission in Washington D.C. says the agency is aware of the growing number of complaints.

"We're trying to find out what's going on," said CSPC Deputy Director Alex Filip. He says the agency is trying to find a pattern or defect if one exists.

If you have a concern or complaint about a smart meter you can contact the CSPC at 1-800-638-2772 or e-mail the agency at"

WFLA-TV News Channel 8

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Smart meter pulses effect on blood cells

Pre-order this film at the link in the sidebar and show it at your local libraries, etc.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dr. Laura Pressley talks about physiological effects of Smart Meters

Dr. Laura Pressley talks about physiological effects of Smart Meters, both wireless and wired, and what you can do about it.

About Laura

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Take Back Your Power - Stopping the Smart Grid Agenda

Published on Oct 10, 2012

Corbett Report Radio #230

The smart grid is an interlocking web that will monitor and control all of the electrical appliances in your home at all times. Based on wireless technology, the privacy ramifications, health effects, and opportunities for outright government control inherent in the smart grid agenda are staggering. Tonight we talk to Josh Del Sol, the filmmaker behind the forthcoming feature documentary "Take Back Your Power," about this agenda and what you can do to stop it.

The Corbett Report

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters

In this invitational presentation to the San Francisco Tesla Society consulting engineer Rob States explains how PG&E's so-called 'smart' meters work and why they endanger health and privacy. He asks the obvious question, "Why would you trust the company that brought you Prop. 16?"
For more info:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Smart Meter Fire Risk Due to Poor Installation Procedure

September 18, 2012 - Naperville, CA resident Dick Hutter explains how smart meter installation contractors UPA (Utility Partners of America) are changing meters and the risk they pose of fire to customers' homes.

Friday, August 9, 2013

FINAL Take Back Your Power trailer

Worldwide online premiere date: Sept 5th!


Join the conversation on Facebook: Follow us for regular information on Twitter:

Utility companies are replacing electricity, gas and water meters worldwide with new generation "smart" meters at an unprecedented rate. Take Back Your Power is a crowd-funded, public awareness documentary that investigates the benefits and safety of this ubiquitous "smart" meter program. Using insight from insiders, expert researchers, politicians, doctors, and concerned citizens, environmental steward Josh del Sol takes us on a journey of revelation and discovery, as he questions corporations' right to tap our private information in the name of "green". What you discover will surprise you, unsettle you, and inspire you to challenge the status quo.


Visit the Take Back Your Power website for more information.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Radio show archive from Monday

Here is the archived recording of Monday's show with John DiPrimio and PECO spokesperson Cathy Engel Menendez. july-29-2013-john-diprimio

John plans to do a follow-up to this on Wednesday, July 31st at 12:00 pm edt and will be taking calls.

John DiPrimio's website can be found here...

Citizens for CommonSense

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Radio show with PECO spokesperson... be held on Monday, July 29th, 2013 at 12:00 pm edt (noon) to 1:00 pm edt.

PECO Utility Company spokesperson Cathy Engel Menendez will be speaking about smart meters and the show will be taking phone calls. This could be a good opportunity to voice your concerns and ask questions.

215-855-8211  215-723-2116  800-355-WNPV

streaming @ 

Cathy Engel Menendez can be seen on the video at this link talking about safety concerns and installation 'quotas'.

New Safety Concerns Over PECO Meter Installations

and at this link about fires...

Fire Concerns Lead PECO To Halt Smart Meter Installations



How to listen to the show...

Click on this link...

Look for this image on the right side of the website homepage...

There are three ways to listen, depending on what your computer/device can handle. 

Click on either the iTunes,Winamp,Real,MP3 image

or the Windows Media Player image

or below those two, the link, 

which will open a new window with the radio player.
That last one may be best if you're not sure about the first two.

The links may also work from this page.



Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Customers says OG&E Smart Meters making them sick

OKLAHOMA CITY — NewsChannel 4 is learning more about nationwide fears involving smart meters and allegations that they can negatively affect your health. According to a group that tracks complaints against smart meters, so far, three states instituted moratoriums on them.

In other states, class action lawsuits were filed and at one time, in California, 47 municipal jurisdictions had demanded a halt to installations of the meters.

The following states have either banned smart meters, have pending legislation against them, or have offered customers the opportunity to opt out. Some for health concerns, others over privacy issues: California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont.

Read more at this link.

See a follow-up on Joe Esposito here...Smart Meter: heros and bullies in Oklahoma

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cindy Sage & LA DWP discuss 'Smart' Meters

Cindy Sage, environmental consultant and editor of the groundbreaking international study 'The BioInitiative Report' on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure, shares the results of her research and how it relates to wireless 'smart' meters with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

(part 1)
(part 2)

Cindy Sage on “Smart” Meters

Friday, June 28, 2013

"my first duty is to protect my people, our future generations and our lands"

Osoyoos Indian Band Prohibits Smart Meter Installations

Oliver, B.C. Canada—June 13, 2013
On behalf of the Osoyoos Indian Band, Chief Clarence Louie announced today that he and all Band Council members have signed a governing document prohibiting Fortis BC, the local utility company, from installing Smart Meters on the approximately 703 homes and businesses on the Osoyoos Indian reserve. 
“Having been presented with science-based evidence, the Band Council and I are convinced that Fortis’s proposed wireless smart meters in meshed-grid networks have the potential to harm our children and our environment. No scientist on the planet has been able to verify the safety of these extremely dangerous devices that emit microwave radiation 24/7 in perpetuity and which cannot be turned off.”
“As Chief of the Osoyoos Indian band, my first duty is to protect my people, our future generations and our lands. For that reason, the band Council and I believe we need to err on the side of caution and respect the world’s leading independent scientists who say—and have evidence to prove—that electromagnetic radiation, especially pulsed and microwave frequency radiation, is harmful to all living things.” 
“I am proud of our Council for standing up and voting to prohibit the installation of smart meters on our lands in order to protect not only our own people but all the peoples who resides and work on the Osoyoos Indian Band lands.” 
For More information, contact: 
J.R. (Banjo) Linkevic
Osoyoos Indian Band
(250) 498-3444 x 119


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Toward a Smart Meter RECALL!

Customers all across the United States have reported being harmed by utility smart meters. In Indiana, a mother of three small children can’t live in their home because a bank of smart meters gave her debilitating health problems.  In California hundreds of customers have reported headaches, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, sleep problems and more.
Customers report flames shooting from outlets, burned out appliances and fires after smart meter installation.  Meanwhile in some states, the utility companies and their regulators response is to charge more money (opt-out fees) to avoid smart meters and they ignore the health and fire hazards.
The US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) is a federal agency that will take complaints on utility smart meters from all US states.

Please go here for more details and updates.

Friday, June 21, 2013

What we can do...

[note 7/2/13 : see update at bottom of this post, 7/4/13 see update on Act 129 below]

I am no expert on the laws, but this is what I have learned about why we are being subjected to having these smart meters installed, and also what actions we can take at this time to protect ourselves through the legal system.

Federal law enacted in 2005 required the electric utility companies to provide time-based meters to customers requesting a time-based rate...i.e. smart meters.

Energy Policy Act of 2005

bottom of page 371

(a)IN GENERAL.—Section 111(d) of the Public Utility Regulatory
Policies Act of 1978 (16 U.S.C. 2621(d)) is amended by adding
at the end the following:
Not later than 18 months after the date of enactment of this
paragraph, each electric utility shall offer each of its customer
classes, and provide individual customers upon customer
request, a time-based rate schedule under which the rate
charged by the electric utility varies during different time
periods and reflects the variance, if any, in the utility’s costs
of generating and purchasing electricity at the wholesale level.
The time-based rate schedule shall enable the electric consumer
to manage energy use and cost through advanced metering
and communications technology.

and further down...

‘‘(C) Each electric utility subject to subparagraph (A) shall
provide each customer requesting a time-based rate with a
time-based meter capable of enabling the utility and customer
to offer and receive such rate, respectively.

In 2008, Pennsylvania enacted Act 129, part of which states...

 (2)  Electric distribution companies shall furnish smart
        meter technology as follows:
                (i)  Upon request from a customer that agrees to pay
            the cost of the smart meter at the time of the request.
                (ii)  In new building construction.
                (iii)  In accordance with a depreciation schedule not
            to exceed 15 years.

Although the federal law appears to require smart meter installation only for those customers requesting them, the state law in PA does not provide that option.(update 7/4/13 This is what I've been told. I am looking into this more as I am not quite convinced that this is true.)

Many states now allow for customers to opt-out of these technologies. Pennsylvania should, too!

In 2011-12 and again in 2013, Rep. Mike Reese introduced three bills that would protect our rights as energy consumers. These bills are sitting in committee, waiting for Rep. Robert W. Godshall (Consumer Affairs Chairman) to find it in his heart to allow these bills to move ahead on their path to becoming law. It is up to us to provide the impetus for this to happen.

Even if you are not objecting to this technology, or are not sure yet if you do, it is in our best interests to have our rights and privacy protected in this way.

At the moment, in June of 2013, the House of Representatives is focused on bills relating to budget concerns and will not review these bills until sessions resume in the fall. That gives us time to contact our representatives and get our voices heard.

The three bills are as follows...

HB 899 Repeal of Smart Meter Mandate

It reads, in part...

I am of the opinion that although smart meters may be a technology that has advantages, no government body should mandate their usage. Such a mandate jeopardizes common principles of supply and demand.

This legislation, one of three bills addressing smart meter technology that I intend to introduce, would simply remove language that requires energy companies to provide smart meters while still allowing companies to offer the technology should they choose.

HB 902 Consumer “Opt-Out” of Smart Meter Usage

It reads, in part...

I and other legislators have been contacted by constituents that have expressed their desire to not have smart meter technology at their homes or businesses. Their concerns range from securing sensitive and personal information to the health impacts of radio frequency (RF) waves. My perspective is one that questions if a government mandate was appropriate at all.

This legislation, one of three bills addressing smart meter technology that I intend to introduce, would provide consumers the ability to “opt-out” of having a smart meter and require the Pennsylvania Utility Commission to create a fair surcharge system that would be paid by these consumers. This is similar to laws recently passed in Maine, Nevada and California.

(I want to mention here that many object to the surcharge for opting out, and I will try to get more information on that. In the meantime, if this bothers you too, you might want to mention your objection to that aspect of the bill when you contact your representative.)

HB 906 Consumer Consent to Share Smart Meter Information

It reads, in part...

Part of this mandate is the requirement that, with customer consent, power companies provide direct meter access or meter data to third parties including electric generation suppliers and providers of conservation and load management services. While it makes sense for certain third parties to have access to data necessary to ensure that consumers are billed properly for the services they receive, I am concerned about this information being shared with government agencies without prior consent.

This legislation, one of three bills addressing smart meter technology that I intend to introduce, will ensure that customer consent is required before an electric distribution company may share customer meter data or provide meter access to a government agency.

Rep. Reese's office has suggested that we each contact our local state reps and ask them to co-sponser these bills when they return to work in the fall. Also, ask that they speak candidly to Rep. Godshall and insist that he push these bills through the committee (of which he is the chairman) for a vote on the house floor. With enough representatives backing these bills, it will send a clear message to Rep. Godshall that the people of Pennsylvania expect to be properly represented and protected by our elected representatives. A call to Rep. Godshall might also be something to do, but the most important thing would be to get as much support for these bills as possible.

You can find your local representative here...Find Your Legislator

And if you are so inclined...Rep. Godshall's information is here... link

Thank you. Please spread the word and share this with as many people as you can.
Post a comment as well when you do, so we can all know that people are taking action!

[added 7-2-13... I have found that there are also three bills in the Senate introduced by Sen. Donald C. White. They are SB816 SB817 SB818
Click the links to see them. More updates on this post to come soon. ]

Monday, June 10, 2013

“Occupy Your Home”

 "An overwhelming majority of US and Canadian citizens are entirely unaware that an especially dangerous device has been attached to their homes. While installation of “smart meters” across North America has continued apace since 2009 the health effects such devices pose have yet to be fully realized. Left unaddressed the broad use and continued deployment of such equipment will almost certainly influence human health for many generations to come...."

Continue reading at this link...

“Occupy Your Home”: Confronting Smart Meter Toxification by James F. Tracy

Sunday, June 9, 2013

PUC Chairman: Opting Out of Smart Meters Not Up For Discussion

PUC Chairman: Opting Out of Smart Meters Not Up For Discussion


During a Chamber of Commerce panel event about energy innovation, Robert Powelson, chairman for Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, told those in attendance that opting out of smart meters was not up for debate in Pennsylvania. Mr. Powelson was the featured speaker during Friday’s event at the University City Science Center, “Smart Technologies Re-Energizing the Regional Economy.” Addressing loss of privacy concerns, Mr. Powelson said there is no issue of any government body having access to personal data from smart meters. “It’s not the government. It’s your [energy] usage data and it’s your decision what to do with the data,” Mr. Powelson said. “We’re moving forward with meters here. Whether you like it or not, you’re getting a meter.” Mr. Powelson also told those in attendance that Pennsylvania is becoming an east coast epicenter for energy development and one of the most robust competitive retail markets with more renewable energy offerings.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Take Back Your Power - Official Trailer

Petition for legislators in PA

Repeal Act 129 in Pennsylvania--Stop Smart Meters I am concerned about the invasion of privacy for my family and friends that smart meters pose. Smart meters are a part of Agenda 21 and need to be stopped! . . . .

7/8/13 note: I've included this here because it shows how concerned we are about this issue. However, Act 129 is not only a law about smart meters. In fact, the smart meter part of it was added on to a very comprehensive package that is not going to be repealed. I do believe, though, that the intention of this petition is to show opposition to the aspect of the law that refers to the smart meter technology, and the voices of the people who have signed it are important.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Public Utility Commission Concerned About "Smart Meters"!/news/local/Public-Utility-Commission-Concerned-About-Smart-Meters/169397006
View more videos at: