Smart meter technology is relatively new and untested. We are being used as the guinea pigs. Fortunately there are many people researching and providing information about their effects on us. This blog is an attempt to provide resources about the meters as well as information specific to Pennsylvania. Use the links in the sidebars to find informative websites, videos, studies and articles that I have found to be helpful, as well as information specific to PA residents.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Smart Meter Case Testimony Before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Smart Meter Case Testimony Before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission:
What No One Wants to Acknowledge About EMF Damage

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


  1. I looked up Rep. Michael Reese and wrote to him concerning his legislation he had introduced regarding the forced smart meter installation. So far I have not received a reply, has anyone written to him? He's sponsored bills to get the smart meters stopped.

  2. People have been in contact with him in the past. He can't do much until there is more support for his bills from the other representatives.

  3. That is also my understanding. I am still working on this. The latest information is that I was advised to have our legislators to introduce a bill like Oklahoma's HB 2872 which was just introduced on January 25, 2018. Please pursue
    this and don't give up. Constituents must become active.


  4. I wrote to Rep. Reese and one of his cosponsors of the bill, the other rep. I wrote to did not respond. They wrote that they're trying to find more cosponsors but that's all I heard. It's like they're pretending to do something while twiddling their thumbs! >:(

    1. They've been working on this for years. Rep. Godshall blocks the bills, but he will be retiring this year.

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