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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Council to address Monroeville residents' smart meter concerns

Monroeville officials plan to reach out to the state Public Utility Commission after hearing residents' concerns that smart meters measuring electrical usage may be a health hazard and a cause for other concerns.
A state law requires utilities to install the new electronic meters for customers.
But residents urged council at separate meetings this month to help stop utility companies from installing the meters.
“We're looking into it and looking into what the smart meters are really all about,” Mayor Greg Erosenko said Monday. “We heard from some residents and have (our) solicitor looking on his end.”
The issue was first brought up by resident Francis Hriadil at council's Oct. 6 workshop meeting. He said he has health, safety, privacy and security concerns about the meters. Critics say health concerns are rooted in the radio frequency emitted by the meters.
“I think this is a public safety issue and a serious one,” he said.

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