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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Public hearing on Act 129 - Sept. 1, 2015 at 1PM

Dear Pennsylvania Residents:
As you probably know, utility companies are retrofitting AMI Smart Meters which place non-ionizing radiation into your homes electrical wires (and YOU), which also will monitor what's going on in the house: anything from working appliances to what's on TV to even causing a brown out or turning off your electricity IF they want to!

Penna, unfortunately, has no opt-out provisions in Act 129 that every utility company is legally using to make you have an SM on your house for electricity, natural gas and water meters!  Other states have opt-out provisions.

However, there are several bills in the PA state legislature to provide opt-outs, but Rep. Godshall, who chairs the Consumer Affairs Comm., will not release them for a vote because he knows they will be passed and he's apparently holding the line for utility companies' interests.  He's killed several opt-out bills in the past!

Sept. 1, 2015 at 1PM, Godshall is holding a public hearing on Act 129, which by the way is ILLEGAL since it was passed with NO mandates for SMs, but the PA PUC rewrote the law when it wrote the implementation regulations for SMs in PA.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
1:00 PM
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Public hearing - Act 129 Requirement for electric distribution companies to meet certain energy efficiency benchmarks.
Room 140
Main Capitol
Many consumers, who have been taken to the ALJ court of the PA PUC by PECO for refusing SMs, will be attending that public meeting.  We'd like to see as many PA consumers as possible jam the hearing room to register our protests about Smart Meters:
their radiation and its non-thermal health effects, surveillance of our homes, lives, and appliances, PLUS Rep. Godshall's determination to not let opt-out bills come up for a vote, thereby indirectly deprives U.S. citizens of their right to redress and due process.Please plan on attending the meeting and let your voice be heard.
Thank you!
Catherine J Frompovich / PASMA member
Pennsylvania Smart Meter Awareness * PASMA


  1. What was the result?

    1. Nothing much. I just posted the press release that I have about it.

  2. I will not allow the installation of a smart meter on my home. I will stop it, by force of necessary.