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Friday, June 19, 2015

PASMA SmartMeters Press Release #14

Pennsylvania Smart Meter Awareness * PASMA


Contact: Tom McCarey      
Telephone: 610-687-7607


 Almost daily, PASMA is hearing from PECO customers that they are receiving notices their electricity will be cut off if PECO is not permitted to install an AMI Smart Meter (SM) that emits radiofrequency non-ionizing radiation (RF), has caused untold house fires in the Philadelphia area and around the country—including fire deaths, and causes health problems because of the microwaves that are emitted.

Microwaves are dangerous to one’s health, but that fact is downplayed by PECO and the PA Public Utility Commission (PA PUC), who should know better, in favor of much older, skewed ‘science’. Customers with disabilities, multiple chemical sensitivities, cancer, heart disease, etc. are at greater health risks—so are young, growing children and, in particular, in utero fetuses!

Since the PA PUC deliberately misinterpreted HB2200 when it became PA Act 129 (2008) and set utility implementation regulations that SMs are mandatory, which the PA state legislature did NOT want, PASMA and PA citizens consider PECO’s, the PA PUC’s and especially PA State Representative Robert Godshall’s actions as legislative overreach, breaching democratic principles of governance, and illegal—plus prosecutable if only the “old boys’ network’ would stop working in favor of vested interests at all levels regarding Smart Meters.

Pennsylvanians are fed up with Godshall’s sitting on SM opt-out bills in the PA House Consumer Affairs Committee. He allowed several bills to die in the last session and now that three new ones (HB394, HB395, HB396) are up in the committee he chairs, he is refusing to call them for a vote.
He’s told everyone either allow an SM to be installed or get a generator! Furthermore, Godshall’s told others that he will NEVER call SM opt-out bills for a vote by the committee.

To help PA utility customers, there are numerous PA state house members who have co-sponsored those opt-out bills since they realize the totally wrong direction the PA PUC and utility companies, in particular PECO who is buying up electric companies around the country, have taken in mandating SMs on every PA house and commercial building. Numerous states have SM legal opt-outs, plus opposition to SMs is growing around the country and around the globe, since SMs are a part of the global UN Agenda 21.

What’s a threatened utility customer to do?
 1. Attend the Press Conference in front of Rep. Godshall’s Hatfield office to let him know how wrong he is in his totalitarian-style of legislating and representing Pennsylvanians. Don’t forget to bring your protest signs!
> *DATE:* Tuesday, June 23, 2015
> *TIME:* 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
> *LOCATION:* Across the street from Representative Robert Godshall's Office located at
 1702 Cowpath Rd, Hatfield, PA 19440 [not far off Rte. 309 North of Lansdale]
2. Folks with disabilities may want to contact the following for help in getting an American with Disabilities Act waiver with the PA PUC/PECO: The Disability Rights Network of PA, Philadelphia office at 215-238-8070, Fax 215-772-3126, Email Or, Liberty Resources at 215-634-2000. Or, Disabled in Action of PA, Inc. at 215-627-7255.
 3. Others who don’t want and fear SM hazards, including surveillance and reporting of appliance electric power usage inside your home to others, including third parties, and/or the ability to turn off your ‘smart’ appliances, may want to contact Governor Tom Wolf’s aid, Lyn McDonnell, in his Philadelphia office at to let the Governor know how you feel about illegal PA law, Act 129 of 2008.
 4. Every Pennsylvanian should contact his or her Pennsylvania State Legislator in Harrisburg to get SM opt-out legislation passed in Pennsylvania. Not everyone can handle RFs and EMFs from SMs. Here’s what the American Association of Environmental Medicine says about Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Exposure .


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with a member of PASMA, please call Tom McCarey at 610-687-7607.

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