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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Philly July25-28th - Need Help Educating Wireless Health Effects

For anyone who is able to join Kevin at the DNC next week. I found some links that show who he is. Below that is his email. Please share this with anyone who might be interested.
From: "Kevin M" <>
Subject: Philly July25-28th - Need Help Educating Wireless Health Effects
Please make sure this email gets to activists who live in NY, NJ and PA.
Kevin will be at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week July 25-28th and he needs people to join him.
This week, Kevin and I are in the Republican Convention in Cleveland. What we noticed was that there are many groups with agendas demonstrating on the streets.Thousands of the convention visitors who are political activists and hundreds of media people taking pictures and making interviews. It's a huge happening and yesterday alone I did about 20 interviews and talked to countless other journalists. Our conclusion is that we must have presence on the streets of Philadelphia in the week of the Democratic convention. But for that to have any impact there must be a presence of more than just Kevin.We need to have a group of us there standing with signs, giving away material, talking to people about the topic, doing interviews etc. It will be a great way to make impact.
Kevin already got banners printed, got megaphones, and shirts. We need people to be there to hold the sign, wear the shirt and make an impact.
If you plan to attend, email Kevin with all your contact information (names, emails and phone numbers). We will coordinate with you the time and location.
Please forward this message to everyone you know!!!
Thank You Always,

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