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Monday, November 3, 2014

NaturalHealth365 Podcast - interview with Jim Turner

Program highlights include:

’Smart’ meter warning: The safety of your home is under attack – this program will explain why.

Learn why our current energy distribution system is seriously flawed and falling apart at the seams.

The single MOST IMPORTANT reason why we haven’t solved the energy crisis. No doubt, your local utility company does NOT want you to hear the answer.

Discover the REAL agenda behind the deployment of ‘Smart’ meter technology. You will definitely NOT want to miss this portion of the show!

A SHOCKING admission revealed by a leader in the power industry. This part of the program will forever change your attitude about your local utility company.

Learn how the ‘new age’ of wireless technology is invading your privacy WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE or consent.

Find out why we should STOP ‘assuming’ that public servants (politicians) will solve the energy crisis or any other problem plaguing our society. This podcast will open your eyes to the massive problems posed by wireless technology.

Take time to listen now.- Click here for full article and podcast, or use player below.

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  1. Thanks for posting this interview. It was a good one. Unfortunately he is wrong about the politicians though. They are pretty much bought and paid for by the corporations.